Let’s talk about me ! ... ;-)

I was born in Bayonne (France) in 1974 (Nov, 15th). I can say I’ve always been fascinated by pictures. I’ve never stopped drawing, schribbeling at the beginning but always looking to get better and improve the technique. I passed the Fine Arts & Philosophy baccalaureates in Bayonne (Lycée CASSIN - France) while taking classes at the training school for the arts. Then I changed my view, moving from pictures to video (Professional & technical school of Rennes - France). For 2 years, I learned how to use the movie and video technology (too complicated to fit my style !). I also tried the audiovisual techniques in Bordeaux (France) and Paris (France) but finally came back home to try another and new technique for me “computer assisted graphic art” (design)

Here I am now, creating my own personal web site, getting back to my pencils with great joy. I hope people will get to know my drawings and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet art lovers like Catherine BATS (professional photographer) who inspired my work through some of her travel pictures

Thank you Catherine

Armelle LATRY